June 10th! June 10th!

June 10th is the date we’ve been waiting for. The “official” start to summer (well, for Jenny that is…mine started June 7th), which also means the official start to planning the next school year. Our pow-wow date for our workshop info session is June 19. Elizabeth sent us the agenda, and it looks awesome. We are going to be walking away from this meeting with a wealth of information.

As awesome as that is, I know it will also most likely be a touch overwhelming. I’m the kind of person that gets overwhelmed fairly easily. Throw lots of new information at me, and boom. I’m mentally freaking out trying to figure out how to make sense of and organize the information. To help avoid that next week, my goal is going to be spending some time this week creating a binder so I can organize things right away. I’m envisioning sections for: reading, writing, assessment, records keeping, and scheduling.

Hopefully, having a place for things to go will help me be more effective and efficient. Then, I can use my processing time to start figuring out how this vision is going to work for us, instead of freaking out like this: “OMG SO MUCH INFO WHAT DO I DO???”

This next week will also be my time to figure out what I want to include in my new classroom. I know that I want to re-vamp my reading wall. I had this awesome “Where in the World Will Reading Take You” thing with a world map and books set in various countries, but that’s changing. I want to be able to showcase my reading AND my students’ reading. I’m thinking something along the lines of a this-is-what-I’m-reading/have read place where kids can then post their reading and quick reviews.

As much as I love reading, I also want to incorporate more writing things into my classroom theme. This means I need to be writing more, and sharing what I’m writing more (which is definitely intimidating for me!) to help build that writer’s community. I’m not sure how I want to accomplish that yet.

Other things on the list to re-vamp: classroom arrangement (I’m ADD with desk arrangements), physical grade book, align units with Curriculum Companion (more on this later), new bulletin board ideas, classroom library book check-out system. And there will undoubtedly be more added to that list.

The great thing about summer? Everything can be done barefoot, in the sunshine (if it ever decides to come out), with a glass of wine in hand. Glorious.