Life in 6 Words

After today, I HAD to pop on and post a quick note about today. We kicked off narrative writing (LOVE) today, and I was wondering how kids were going to respond. The goal is to do more workshop-style classes during the unit, and we started today with 6 word memoirs. Oh my goodness! The kids ate it up! During work time, kids were furiously scribbling, crossing out, erasing, smiling, furrowing their brows, and finally, looking at their work with pride as they dipped their toes into memoir writing. It was so much fun to see, and filled me with so much great energy! I’m reasonably certain my 2nd block thinks I’ve completely lost my mind because I was so excited to write with them and introduce them to this unit. But that excitement went viral – I cannot wait to see their final selections for this type of writing tomorrow! One that stuck with me today: “Life is a blank canvas. Paint.” My jaw dropped. So beautiful.

As for my writing? I had a different theme for each block as I wrote. I went from running in block 1, moved to my wedding in block 2, and finished with travel in block 3. Of course, I forgot to write my block 1 narratives down…hoping they come back to me! To say I’m excited for tomorrow is putting it lightly. 🙂 



Treading Water

I am currently being serenaded by the sounds of students typing away on their final paper for our dystopian unit. Music to my ears? Almost. A sign of focused, determined students? Without a doubt. The kids are really working hard on this assignment, which with our modified standards-based grading, will be the equivalent of four test grades. I’m incredibly proud of them, as this was a huge undertaking. We broke it down for them into sections, and introduced one section at a time, which made the task more manageable for them (at least, that’s what it seems like to me, the casual observer).

Their paper is due tomorrow, and with the deadline brings the start of our next unit: narrative writing. You may want to look out your window, because pigs may actually be flying. Why? We are planned out through this week!!! This is very exciting, and it’s the first time it’s happened this year. I’m hoping we can use this momentum to keep propelling us forward. It’s nice to not feel that “WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY?!?!?!” in the morning.

Personally, I had a little bit of a freak-out last week. It was one of those moments where I was thinking about everything I have to do this year (Teacher Effectiveness, building goals, district goals, PDP for re-certification…plus, oh yeah, that wedding thing that’s happening in SIX MONTHS) and I hit overload. I am so incredibly blessed to be able to go down to my principal, share my freak-out, and get direction/feedback on what to prioritize. That conversation was immensely helpful. I’m feeling a bit better, although the PDP piece is kind of like a dark cloud hanging over my head. It will all get done, and all will be well.

Also…Thanksgiving is two weeks away…how and when did that happen??