The Best Laid Plans

Happy Friday!

During our planning-palooza last Friday, I was all excited – for several reasons. 1, we did a lot of work and accomplished a lot of great things. 2, we set a blogging schedule. Jenny will write Sundays, and I will write Wednesdays. 

See what day it is? Yeah. #bloggingfail

See, here’s the thing. Sometimes, even the plans that we spend time hashing out and laboring over and trashing and replanning don’t happen the way we thought. Story of the week this week. The only thing you can do is pick up your exploded brain-bits, stuff them back in your head, and modify. You have to be flexible. Like a rubber band.

With our two cold days (there was much shaking of my fist at Polar Vortex, Part II, trust me), we had to do some rearranging of the calendar we so carefully laid out last week. This meant shuffling things a bit in order to allow us to still start our book clubs on Monday.

Our choices for this round of clubs.

The story of our lives this week was reading. Jenny and I each had 6-7 books to read so we could book talk them to our kids before they filled out their ballots with their top choices. Now, I LOVE reading, don’t get me wrong, but even this had me figuring out where I could steal reading minutes to make this happen. 

My stack of books. Lucky for me, I’ve already read 2.

My life was consumed with reading. And I have to say, I read some AMAZING books this past week. I love history and historical fiction, so this round of clubs is right up my nerdy alley. I’m excited for our kids to dive into their choices this next week and start sampling some of the phenomenal options we have for them. Hopefully, it will open their reading tastes a bit to something new. Not many of my kids choose to read nonfiction, nor historical fiction (trust me, my heart cries at this). 

This week was also very exciting in another way.

From left: my principal, representative from the Meemic Foundation, superintendent, me, director of curriculum, and assistant principal.

Several months ago, I applied for a grant through the Meemic Foundation to help purchase more books for our classroom library. I found just before Christmas break that I won! It’s hard to say who is more excited – my students or me. 🙂 Yesterday, a representative from the foundation came to do a formal check presentation. It was very exciting to be handed that big check. This next week, we’ll be working on making our shopping list with the hopes of ordering our books by Valentine’s Day. Amazon, here we come!!

This weekend, Jenny and I have to make our book club groups and plan out our mini-lessons for this unit. We’re going to be focusing on independent reading skills (more on that later) and vocabulary skills. It’s going to be a great weekend!