All the noise, noise, noise!

Hello! 2014 is off to a rather rockin’ start on Morningside Drive. I hope your holiday season was great, and you were able to recharge your batteries a bit. Our semester is winding down – this is students’ last week to turn in any missing work or reassessments, and some are frantically working to increase their grade. It’s amazing how the end of the semester does that. 🙂

I must say, I’ve been on a bit of a roll in my reading the past couple of weeks. I’ve been devouring book after book, and loving every second. Some books have been on my TBR list for awhile (The Distance Between Us by Kasie West – AMAZING!), some are by authors I’ve enjoyed previously (Where She Went by Gayle Forman – loved it! currently reading Just One Day), and some were titles that just looked good (Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne). So far, my count for the year is 44 books. 

Last week, Jenny and I realized we’re facing the same struggle in one of our classes. Our last block of the day, we each have a relatively small class (Jenny has 19 kids, I have 17.). This is great theoretically, but we were having the problem of students being a little too comfortable. As in “We do what we want, when we want!” comfortable. I know I was ready to pull my hair out, and I don’t think Jenny was far behind.

Then, Jenny had an idea. A grand, fantastic, experiment of an idea. Why not combine our two classes and co-teach? We have the physical space for 36 students, and with the two of us…it’s worth a try. So, we talked with our fabulous principal and got the official go-ahead, and we launched it this week. Naturally, there were lots of questions on Monday – many of them were concerned about whether or not they’d have access to both libraries. 🙂 Such sweet things to wonder about. We addressed the questions, and got to work.

There hasn’t been a lot of “instruction” so to speak at this point, so I’m curious to see how things are going to grow and progress with the crew. We are on a two week trial right now, and are going to re-evaluate next week Friday to see what our thoughts are. It’s going to take the kids a bit to adjust (and us too!), but I’m hoping it will be a positive thing. Even though Jenny and I share a brain, our teaching styles are definitely different – and it’s going to be good to expose the kids to that in this way. Plus, if it goes well, that’s all the more support for knocking down our wall, right? Right. 

Well…at least we can dream about that last piece…