Life in 6 Words

After today, I HAD to pop on and post a quick note about today. We kicked off narrative writing (LOVE) today, and I was wondering how kids were going to respond. The goal is to do more workshop-style classes during the unit, and we started today with 6 word memoirs. Oh my goodness! The kids ate it up! During work time, kids were furiously scribbling, crossing out, erasing, smiling, furrowing their brows, and finally, looking at their work with pride as they dipped their toes into memoir writing. It was so much fun to see, and filled me with so much great energy! I’m reasonably certain my 2nd block thinks I’ve completely lost my mind because I was so excited to write with them and introduce them to this unit. But that excitement went viral – I cannot wait to see their final selections for this type of writing tomorrow! One that stuck with me today: “Life is a blank canvas. Paint.” My jaw dropped. So beautiful.

As for my writing? I had a different theme for each block as I wrote. I went from running in block 1, moved to my wedding in block 2, and finished with travel in block 3. Of course, I forgot to write my block 1 narratives down…hoping they come back to me! To say I’m excited for tomorrow is putting it lightly. 🙂 



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